AniForte Salmon Oil Video Tutorial
salmon oil

AniForte Salmon Oil Video Tutorial

AniForte Video Tutorial on Salmon Oil

Check out our brand new video on how to use our Salmon Oil with your everyday dog food. 

Products used: 
--> AniForte Salmon Oil
--> AniForte PureNature Country Beef 400g (also comes in cans on 800g)

Feeding Instructions: PureNature Country Beef:
-For dogs of 5+ kg: 200g of wet food
-For dogs of 10+ kg: 400g of wet food
-For dogs of 20+ kg: 800g of wet food

Feeding Instructions for the Salmon Oil:
-Dogs per 10 kg: 5 ml

Our Salmon Oil can also be given to cats and horses as a supplement to their daily food.

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Your AniForte UK team.

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