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Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?


Given the large selection of fruit and vegetables, have you asked yourself what your dog ​​is actually allowed to eat and what is strictly forbidden for him? Here on our blog, we regularly present fruit and vegetables that are either particularly healthy for our furry friends or completely unsuitable. Today we will give you some information about stawberries.

Healthy fruit for our dogs too?

To answer the question directly: dogs are allowed to eat strawberries as they contain many valuable nutrients and can bring more variety into your dog's daily menu. You can either give your dog strawberries as whole fruit or mix them with the food. Many dogs also like to eat the strawberries straight from the bush. If you have a garden or balcony, you can easily plant the delicacies for your four-legged friend yourself. This also gives you reassurance that the fruits have not been sprayed with pesticides or otherwise treated.

But let's take a closer look at the health benefits of strawberries for dogs. Which ingredients make the fruits so special?

Strawberry Ingredients

The seductive red fruits belong to the rose family, as do raspberries, blackberries and many other well-known types of fruit. Strawberries are best known for their high vitamin C content - up to 60 mg per 100 g. In comparison, lemons have 53 mg per 100 g.

In addition to other healthy ingredients such as potassium, magnesium and folic acid, strawberries contain a particularly large number of secondary plant substances, so-called flavonoids. These plant pigments have exceptionally high antioxidant properties and can protect the organism from free radicals.

Free radicals generate oxidative stress and are responsible for aging cells and causing diseases. They are increasingly formed by the metabolism during times when dogs are under stress. If your dog does not take in enough nutrients to combat oxidative stress, inflammation can develop. Unfortunately, the valuable radical scavengers cannot be produced by the human or pet organism and must be consumed with fruit and vegetables.

Strawberries not only provide your dog with important vitamins and minerals, but also counteract the aging process with their high content of secondary plant substances.

How many strawberries should dogs eat?

Your furry friend should get around 2% of its own body weight in food daily. With the BARF food plan for dogs, about 5-8% of the total daily ration should be covered by fruit. The daily fruit ration should not exceed an amount of 20-30 g for a dog weighing 20 kg. You can easily calculate the individual amount of fruit your dog should get. Our animal health practitioners recommend 1 g of strawberries per 1 kg / body weight. If you follow this guideline, you are on the safe side and will not be overdosing on fruit.

Despite the healthy ingredients, too many strawberries can cause diarrhoea and abdominal pain in dogs, so make sure that your friend gets strawberries only in moderation.

Frozen strawberries for dogs

Unfortunately, strawberry season does not last all year. During the off-season, you can use frozen strawberries. You can either thaw the fruits beforehand or feed them frozen as a treat.

Alternatively, we offer our natural vitamin powder MultiVETAL for dogs. Ingredients such as acerola berries, acai powder and barley grass provide your dog with important vitamins and minerals even during the strawberry-free period and strengthen his immune system all year round. Especially during the cold season, the dog's immune system needs to work hard so that viruses and bacteria don't stand a chance.

At a glance - Can dogs eat strawberries?

  • Yes, dogs can eat strawberries
  • The fruits contain more vitamin C than lemons
  • Feed approx. 1 g strawberries per 1 kg / body weight
  • Too many strawberries can lead to stomach problems and diarrhoea

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