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Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog This Spring

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Aren’t you excited that it’s finally time to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather? Your dog is just as thrilled to get outdoors! Bringing your canine friend along is great for getting fresh air, sunshine and a workout in together. Check out these fun spring activities:

Work Out Together
Take it back to the basics with a fun game of fetch. Try new toys like a Frisbee, rope, mini tire, rope, or football for this fun activity your dog is sure to enjoy! Throw the toys, hide them, or play keep-away from your furry friend! Don’t forget to take your dog along whenever you go biking, hiking, rollerblading, or jogging.

Hit the Dog Park
Research the most dog-friendly parks in your city and visit with other pets and their owners. Make new friends and allow your dog to do the same – just make sure to keep a close eye on his interactions in case one of the pups gets scared or aggressive.

Splash Around
Many dogs love water fun, whether it’s at the beach, in a river, lake, or pool, or even just running through the sprinkler in your backyard. Explore streams, creeks or ponds together and have your dog play fetch in the water on a hot spring day! Don’t forget to bring a towel.

Shop Together
Look up some dog-friendly shops and cafes in your area that won’t mind if you both come inside. Pet supply stores are usually fine with pets coming in to shop with their owners, and you can both have fun walking around the neighborhood. Then, head to a dog-friendly cafe or patio where you can both relax and take in the sun before heading home.

Pampering Day!
A rainy day is great for “spring-cleaning!” If your dog is accustomed to home-grooming, brush his coat with a metal pin brush (for dogs with longer hair) to remove dirt, grass and burrs. A shedding blade works well on shorthaired dogs. If you’re inexperienced with baths, hair cutting and nail trimming, consider a grooming service to help you out.

Go Camping
Why not bring your furry friend along on your camping trip? Besides a tent for the night, there are also dog-friendly cabins at parks or lakes. Make it a double date by inviting a friend with their own pup to come along.

Get competitive
If your dog is still a puppy, consider getting him trained in some basic commands. Competitive training can also teach your dog to navigate obstacle courses and other clever tricks! See if there are any competitive training courses offered in your area. Often they take place outside, which gives you both a chance to enjoy the warm weather!

Aim for getting outside with your dog at least a few times a week—you’ll both love the chance to soak in the sunshine!

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