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Paws - things you should know about dog paws

5 things you should know about dog paws

     Dog paws are composed of five different parts:

  1. Claws
  2. Digital pads
  3. Metacarpal pad
  4. Dewclaw
  5. Carpal Pad


The digital and metacarpal pads on a dog’s paw are used as shock absorbents. They also help protect the bones and joints that are found in the paw due to the digital and metacarpal pads that protect these from getting damaged. Then the Carpal pad works like brakes from a dog. So helping him stop, and stay balanced on slippery or steep slopes.

Dewclaw on dog’s paws are barely used but most dogs have them. They tend to be located on the front and sometimes on their back paws. The dewclaw on the back is composed of very little bone and muscle. They often get in the way and can hurt your dog, which is why some dog owners get them removed. Dewclaws don’t have much importance in a dog’s life; sometimes they come in handy when dogs chew bones or other toys where they need a better grip.

The different pads on a dog’s paw are also used as protection when the dog walks on hard and rough surfaces. Dogs that are often outside are exposed to this a lot, allowing their paw skin to become thicker. Dogs that mostly stay inside will have softer pads.

A dog’s paw is composed of a thick layer of fatty tissue which protects and insulates the inner foot from extremely cold temperatures, as it takes a while for the cold to be conducted. When the paw gets cold after walking in snow, for example, the arteries transfer the chilled blood back to the body where it is warmed up again. This leads scientist to believe that dogs used to live in colder environments.

    What we recommend to protect and keep paws healthy:

    We recommend to clean in between your dog's paws, as small objects and dirt can get stuck there. Just use a pair of tweezers to get rid of any debris. You may also find small ticks, as they are often found in these secluded places where we don’t think to check. If you happen to find some, use a tick remover, making sure you’ve removed the tick's head. You can also use our AniForte Tick Shield capsules to prevent parasites in the future.

    As a protection to your dog's paws during the colder season, we would recommend our AniForte Paw protection balm with beeswax. It gently supports and moisturises dry and cracked paws. It's generally used in winter as it protects your furry friend’s paws during the cold, icy and salty days. 

    However, using AniForte Paw protection balm isn't recommended during warmer weather except for weekly moisturising on their paws. You don’t want to use the balm as protection when it’s warm outside as the fat contained within the beeswax brings the heat directly to your dog’s skin, making them suffer rather than protecting them. Furthermore, we recommend walking your dogs in parks on grass when it’s very warm as asphalt streets may burn your dog’s paws.

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