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Ice Ice Baby! How To Make Your Own Doggie Ice Cream!

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Summer is finally here! But with the high temperatures our dogs can get very hot. No wonder, because when the outside temperatures rise, your dog's organism is working hard.

Cool down! We have some cool culinary tips to combat the outside heat!

Summer time is fruit time: this also applies to your dog

Watermelon is particularly popular - juicy and slightly chilled. As the name suggests, watermelon consists about 90% of water, but not only that. It also contains some important nutrients that make it a really healthy snack for you and for your dog. There are many vitamins in the fruit fibers, especially vitamin A and some vitamin C, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphate, calcium and potassium.

Watermelon is also a slimming agent: it contains relatively little sugar, about 6g per 100g. In comparison, bananas with 17g of sugar per 100g of fruit have a very high sugar content.

Dogs love a cool refreshment! Since ice cream usually contains too much sugar, it is not suitable for your dog. Just make your own dog ice cream – it’s easy!

You can basically use everything your dog likes and what he can tolerate. For frozen yogurt, try dairy products such as natural yogurt, buttermilk, kefir, or cottage cheese. You can combine fruit, honey, broth, boiled and pureed liver or meat or tuna with it, according to your dog's taste.

Veggie Frozen Yogurt:

250g natural yogurt (3.8% or 1.5% fat)

2 tsp honey

1 banana

½ mango (overripe, it is particularly tasty)

Puree all the ingredients together and pour into suitable bowls. Freeze for 4-6 hours.

Savoury Milk Ice Cream:

250g low-fat curd

100g cooked chicken liver

1 boiled carrot

1 tsp salmon oil

Puree all the ingredients together and pour them into small bowls, then freeze for 4-6 hours.

If your dog does not tolerate dairy products, you still have many options:

Veggie Watermelon Sorbet:

¼ watermelon

50ml coconut milk

1 tsp coconut flakes

Ice cream praline with raspberries - a cool treat for your friend:

100g yogurt

1 tsp coconut oil


Mix the yogurt with coconut oil and fill into a chocolate praline mold, insert the raspberry and cover with a little yogurt. Freeze for about 3 hours.

The portion size should of course be tailored to the dog. A small amount of ice cream, about the size of an ice cube, is sufficient for very small dog breeds. Ice cream should be consumed slowly and not swallowed whole. Also, don’t overdo it with ice cream – it should be an occasional treat and shouldn’t be fed daily.

Light summer dog dishes

When it’s hot, dogs tend to eat less or even refuse to eat. You shouldn't worry, because many people also change their eating habits in summer and tend to eat light vegetables and salads.

A light summer BARF recipe:

Meet your dog's needs and offer more easily digestible food in the form of chicken or turkey meat.

Recipe for a 20kg dog:

350g turkey meat

50g quinoa

50g carrots

40g zucchini

5g lettuce

5g raspberries

1 tsp coconut oil

½ tsp parsley sprinkled on top

Chicken fricassee for dogs, another lightly cooked chicken fricassee menu for a 20kg dog:

310g meat plucked from the chicken thigh

40g chicken liver

50g millet

40g broccoli

50g carrots

5g spinach

5g blueberries

3.5g eggshell powder

+ 1 teaspoon cottage cheese

+ 1 teaspoon salmon oil

Have fun pampering your four-legged friend!

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