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Pamper Your Cat!

Pampering your cat

Did you take your cat to the vets or did you go on holiday without your feline friend? Or do you just want to pamper your furry companion? Read the following tips to make your cat purr and strengthen your relationship.

Play with your cat

With these games you will get your feline friend onto their toes:

"Fishing": Take a line and pull it across the ground. The cat's inner hunting instinct is stimulated and she will chase the line.

Alternatively, you can use a cat rod. Many cats love this toy because it mimics prey they would hunt in the wild.

If your cat remains unimpressed, add sounds to animate her. Rustling paper, squeaking and beeping noises reinforce the hunting behavior and lure the cat to hunt.

Play chess: Try something completely different with your cat. Get a chess board and set it up on the ground in front of you. Add some chess pieces to the board, especially where your cat is sitting and see if she will knock over the figures.

You can also move the figures back and forth and pull them away; just see what your cat will react to.

Love goes through the stomach

Pamper your feline companion with homemade liver sausage. The advantage of homemade liver sausage is: you know exactly what is inside!

Liver sausage recipe for cats:

  • 250g chicken liver, turkey liver or beef liver (depending on what your cat likes)
  • 1 potato
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • ½ teaspoon herbs (parsley / marjoram / sage) or food supplements
  • Boiled water as needed


  • Cut the liver and potato into 2 cm pieces.
  • Put both in a saucepan and cover with water. Bring to the boil and then simmer over low heat.
  • When the liver has crumbled slightly and the potato is nice and soft, drain the water. But retain a cup of the water to later refine the consistency of the liver sausage.
  • Put the liver and potato in a bowl, add salt and herbs. Puree everything.
  • To refine the consistency, add a little cooking water.
  • Let everything cool down and spoil your darling with it.

Tip: You can also use pumpkin, celery or other vegetables and fruits instead of potatoes. Just try out what your cat particularly likes.

Cuddles and snuggles

What could be nicer than cuddling with your best friend? Cats like to cuddle too. But there are some spots where they particularly like to be petted:

  • Tickle lightly between the ears
  • Caress the neck gently up and down
  • Scratch lightly under the chin towards the neck
  • Give your cat a nice whole-body brush

Such a cat pampering program takes time, but it's worth it. Your cat builds a closer relationship with you as you enjoy your time together.

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