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Is your dog scratching, nibbling and licking his paws and stomach after walks? Grass mites may be the culprit!

Grass mites are tiny, they lurk in the grass and their bites can cause itching that can drive your dog crazy. During the warm temperatures of summer, grass miteinfestations are very common.

Grass mites belong to the arachnid family, they are diurnal and can be found in rural gardens, meadows and on the edges of forests. They emerge from the ground with the warmer temperatures in spring, usually lay their eggs in June and remain active in their development until late autumn. Warm weather offers the best conditions for their development.

A weak immune system, seasonal malting, mineral deficiency or metabolism problems are also common causes for an infestation.

The extremely unpleasant itching is caused by the larvae, which are up to 0.4 mm in size. During the biting process, the larvae secrete saliva into the skin, which leads to reddening, pustules and wheals and causes severe itching. The bites are then recognizable as orange-red crusts on the surface and can also lead to hair loss. Grass mites do not feed on their host’s blood but on the cell fluid.

The severe itching of the affected areas, and consequently biting and scratching can lead to secondary bacterial infections.

In dogs, the thin-skinned areas of the body are particularly affected: the spaces between the toes and the armpits, but also the arches of the eyes and eyelid, the edges of the ears and ear folds and the bridge of the nose.


In conventional medicine, grass mites are fought with special insecticides, so-called acaricides (mitesicides). However, according to a study by the University of Paderborn, the chemical agents seem to have little success, but cause a range of side effects.

AniForte Itchy Skin Spray is a 100% natural mite and insect repellent for dogs and cats. Itchy Skin Spray repels mites and other parasites without exposing your dog to harmful toxins. It also contains evening primrose and lavender oils to help soothe irritated skin and reduce itching.

Tip: When you return from a walk with your dog, consider cleaning his ears with the AniForte® Ear Mite Treatment Oil Drops, so that the harmful grass mites do not crawl into the auricle.

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