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Should Dogs Eat Bananas?

Dog eating banana

Bananas are full of nutrients that are not only good for us humans, but are also healthy for our four-legged friends. Potassium, magnesium and vitamin C are just a few of the valuable vitamins and minerals contained in bananas. We eat them raw, boiled, baked or grilled and even drink banana nectar. But are all dogs allowed to eat bananas?

Bananas for dogs - tasty and healthy

Dogs like bananas too, at least most of them. The crooked fruits are sweet, tasty and were formerly called paradise figs. They are energy- and sugar-rich fruit and can be given to dogs as a small snack in between.

 For larger breeds, the recommendation is half a banana every 2-3 days, smaller dog breeds have to make do with smaller pieces. Don’t put banana on the dog’s menu more often than that. The high potassium content in the fruits can lead to an oversupply and have a negative effect on the heart muscle and damage the heart.

Also, please note that only ripe bananas should be fed to dogs. The riper the fruits are, the less starch they have. Starch affects the blood sugar level and the weight of our four-legged friend. Consequently, dogs that are a few pounds too heavy or tend to be overweight should not be fed banana as often.


Can dogs eat bananas if they have diarrhoea?

Due to their high pectin content, bananas can help dogs with diarrhoea. Pectins are dietary fibres that bind water. They have a constipating effect and can help the diarrhoea subside more quickly. Apples are also rich in pectin and are a natural home remedy for diarrhoea in dogs.

Are banana peels poisonous to dogs?

Your dog has eaten banana peels and you are wondering if banana peels are poisonous for dogs? We can reassure you: no, they are not. However, don’t intentionally feed the peels, as they can be contaminated with pesticides and fungicides and cause nausea in dogs. In addition, the peel has a very solid structure, which can strain the digestion of the four-legged friend.

Banana ice cream for dogs – a little cool-down-treat on hot days

Here is a banana ice cream recipe that you can quickly prepare at home:

Puree some banana or cut into small pieces

Mix with yogurt

pour into an ice mold (if you don't have one at hand, use ice cube molds)

Place in the freezer for a few hours



  • Dogs are allowed to eat bananas in moderate amounts
  • Larger dogs approx. ½ banana every 2 - 3 days
  • Smaller dogs only small pieces
  • Bananas can support your dog if he has diarrhea
  • The fruits should be avoided for dogs with heart problems

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