Parasite Products Overview

AniForte's Parasite Products Overview: Find the products you need with this handy table!
Works against... Applied topically or to surrounding area Preventative For Acute Infestation
Mite Stop Spray Skin Mites Yes + Yes Yes Yes
Mite Stop Powder Skin Mites Yes + Yes No Yes
Itchy Skin Spray Grass Mites / Autumn Mites Yes + No Yes Yes
Flea-Ex Spray Fleas Yes + Yes Yes Yes
Flea-Ex Powder Fleas Yes + Yes No Yes
Ectoprotex Spot-On
Dogs / Cats
Fleas, Ticks, Mites Yes + No Yes No
Ear Mite Oil Ear Mites Yes + No No Yes
Tick Shield Ticks, Fleas Internally + No Yes No
Wermix Worms Internally + No Yes Yes