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Salmon Skin - AniForte UK
Salmon Skin - AniForte UK
Salmon Skin - AniForte UK
Salmon Skin - AniForte UK
Salmon Skin - AniForte UK
Salmon Skin - AniForte UK

Salmon Skin

100% natural snack for dogs

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Chewing fun

Supplies naturally healthy fats & proteins

Promotes dental health and chewing muscles

Gently air-dried

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Benefits of Salmon Skin:

✔ Chewing fun as a snack or additional to a meal

✔ Naturally provides healthy fats and proteins

✔ Promotes dental health strong teeth and jaw

✔ Gently air dried

Salmon Skin for dogs - a natural treat 

With the protein-rich AniForte® Salmon Skin you support your dog's need to chew naturally and its hearty, fresh fish taste makes it a highlight for your dog. Dried salmon skin is easy to digest and rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, which can have a positive impact on your dog's well-being and vitality.

AniForte® Salmon Skin is gently air-dried, without any artificial additives and little fat, so that even dogs with a sensitive digestive tract can enjoy the full chewing pleasure.

AniForte® Salmon Skin ensures species-appropriate utilisation, supports stress reduction and relaxation through long-lasting chewing pleasure. In addition, it acts like a natural toothbrush and can help with your dog's dental care.

  • The slightly chewy consistency has a positive effect on dental health, promotes chewing muscles and can reduce tartar
  • Perfect for animals with food and stomach sensitivity
  • Purely natural chewing snack made from 100% salmon - suitable for all breeds and all ages
  • Gently air-dried, without preservatives, colourings or flavourings

Species-appropriate and natural activity – 100% taste

Chewing and gnawing are completely natural and instinctive for dogs and doesn't always have anything to do with hunger - dogs need it for enrichment too!

The need to nibble and chew continues throughout a dog's life and begins early in puppyhood. This is especially noticeable during the change of teeth - a painful process. Chewing on objects speeds up the eruption of teeth and makes the pain more bearable.

Relieves stress and tension

Chewing also stimulates the mind, causing endorphins (the body's own happiness hormone) to be released and thus having a positive effect on mood, hunger and the sensation of pain. This not only brings joy to your four-legged friend, but are also an ideal stress reliever. The jaw movement stimulates the chewing muscles and in turn relieves existing tension.

This can be particularly good in stressful situations such as New Year's Eve with fireworks or when there are changes in the home environment. It also helps your dog to relax after an exciting day or training and to bridge boredom and waiting times.

AniForte® Salmon Skin is a very special taste experience - not just for fish lovers. Your dog can live out his innate need to chew in a completely natural way, no matter what age!

Our AniForte® promise

The well-being of your animal is our top priority, that's why our AniForte® products are selected with care.

In order to maintain the high quality standards of our products, we constantly work with a team of veterinarians, nutritionists and animal health practitioners. We are inspired by nature!


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