Wellbeing Globules 15g
Wellbeing Globules 15g
Wellbeing Globules 15g

Wellbeing Globules 15g

Wellness globules for dogs and cats

Natural & plant-based ingredients

Can reduce restlessness and stress

Helps promote promote general wellbeing

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Bach flower wellness globules for dogs and cats

AniForte® Bach Flower Wellbeing Globules is a special blend for dogs and cats. The globules are made in Germany from natural, plant-based and high-quality ingredients.

The globules can reduce restlessness, and the ingredients can help to reduce stress and have a calming effect. Cherry blossom is also known to promote the general wellbeing of an animal.

This AniForte® mixture is created by carefully hand-applying Bach Flowers to the sugar globules. This is done gently in line with a traditional recipe. Our AniForte® products are developed together with veterinarians and animal health practitioners, so that only the best ingredients are selected for your pet.