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Relax Snack - AniForte UK
Relax Snack - AniForte UK
Relax Snack - AniForte UK
Relax Snack - AniForte UK
Relax Snack - AniForte UK
Relax Snack - AniForte UK
Relax Snack - AniForte UK
Relax Snack - AniForte UK

Relax Snack

100 % natural functional snack for calmness

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Relaxation & inner peace

With extra fine chicken meat

With valerian, hops, lemon balm, passion flower

Without gluten

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A great addition to our calm and relax range. Helps to promote relaxation with snacks. These snacks contain our calm and relax formula to help your dog in stressful situations such as fireworks, travel and vet visits.

Each 300g tub contains around 200 treats!

Convenient and effective: whilst rewarding your dog you are helping them at the same time, naturally!

Benefits of Relax Snacks:

100% natural functional snacks with chicken meat

✔ Promote calmness and inner peace with valerian, hops, lemon balm, passion flower

Natural support for anxiety and nervousness, on the go and at home

Easy to break - suitable for all breeds and ages

How do Relax Snacks work?

AniForte® Relax Snacks are a tasty and highly digestible treat made with a high proportion of chicken meat. The biscuit-like meat snacks are combined with a high-quality, natural herbal mixture of valerian root, hop leaves, lemon balm and passion flower herb.

Whether during thunderstorms, fireworks or during a visit to the vets, relax snacks can play a part in calming dogs down and helping to relieve any nervousness.

Our standards are high. The finely tuned recipe of AniForte® Relax Snacks with the tried and tested Calm & Relax formula is unique and is produced to the highest quality standards, without artificial additives.

Relaxing and high-quality: monoprotein, high meat content - without grain

A meaty treat: we only use one high-quality protein source in our chicken snack, which has an exceptionally high meat content of 89%.

For even better digestibility: we have deliberately left out grains, so dogs with allergies, intolerances and sensitive stomachs can also enjoy them.

Of course, our Relax Snacks are also FREE from added sugar, artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives and without synthetic vitamins.

Tasty calming functional snack - gently baked in the oven

Relax Snacks are baked gently so that all the ingredients are preserved. They are convenient, fit in any jacket pocket, do not crumble or fall apart and are easy to share by hand, even for small dogs. The soft consistency also makes them a perfect treat for puppies and older dogs. The treats can be given as a reward or during training.

Developed by veterinary practitioners to help your dog maintain composure in new, overwhelming or uncomfortable situations. A must-have for all dog owners who care about the well-being of their furry companion.


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