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VET Dog Ear Cleaner (Camomile) 250 ml

VET Dog Ear Cleaner (Camomile) 250 ml

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b>AniForte® VET Dog Ear Cleaner (Camomile) contains a specially balanced composition of active ingredients to clean the external ear canal in pets. The natural camomile extracts also support to relieve irritated and itchy skin. Its high efficiency and long shelf life make our VET Ear Cleaner Camomile a must-have product for every pet owner.
- Gently loosens stubborn dirt and earwax
- Supports to nourish and sooth irritated skin around the ear
- The camomile contained in the product naturally supports the external ear canal's own cleaning properties and supports to avoid inflammation
- Alcohol-free


Extracts of natural camomile, aqua dem.

Recommended use (unless otherwise prescribed by your vet):
Carefully apply to the ear canal 1 to 2 times daily by lightly pressing on the bottle. Then gently massage the outside of the ear using your whole hand.

Please note: Your pet will shake its head after the use. Please take extra care if any additional, targeted cleaning of the outer ear and external ear canal is required, e.g. use cotton wool or a clean cotton cloth. The ear cleaner can initially be used daily or, as a preventative measure, once a week.
If your pet shakes or tilts its head for a prolonged period of time or without stopping, consult your vet.
Shake well before use! Keep out of reach of children.

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