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VET Ear Drops - AniForte UK
VET Ear Drops - AniForte UK
VET Ear Drops - AniForte UK
VET Ear Drops - AniForte UK
VET Ear Drops - AniForte UK
VET Ear Drops - AniForte UK
VET Ear Drops - AniForte UK

VET Ear Drops

100 % natural ear care for itching & irritation

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Easy to use - with practical dropper insert

Effective for itching, redness or irritation

Soothing with calendula & colloidal silver water 25ppm

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Size:50 ml
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Our VET Ear Drops containing colloidal silver and soothing calendula can provide relief from itching, redness or irritation of the ears. The cause as well as the symptoms of ear complaints in our pets can be varied, with some breeds being unfortunately predestined for these ailments. With AniForte® VET Ear Drops you can bring peace to your pet's ears and support the ear health of your pet naturally.

Benefits of VET Ear Drops:

✔ Supports the regeneration process of the sensitive skin in ears

✔ Provides relief from irritation and itching in the outer ear

✔ Easy to use - with practical dropper insert

✔ Suitable for all breeds and ear shapes

How do our VET Ear Drops work?

Colloidal silver has been attributed with healing properties for thousands of years and has numerous uses in various areas of medicine and pharmacy. We have made use of its positive effect in our AniForte® VET Ear Drops and have developed a unique formula with the addition of calendula (Calendula officinalis), which can counteract irritations and infections gently, and help bring sensitive ears back to health.

Our standards are high. The mild formula of VET Ear Drops with colloidal silver water and calendula is unique, produced without the addition of artificial additives and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

What is colloidal silver?

Silver water (colloidal silver) is a colloid containing tiny silver particles that repel each other due to their electrical charge and are therefore in a state of suspension. The silver particles are so small that even the smallest bacterium is still much larger. And this is exactly where the special feature of silver water lies, because the smaller the silver particles are, the higher the regulating effect.

Calendula - The marigold is balm for the skin

The flowers of the calendula are traditionally used for skin care and find their place wherever sensitive and irritated skin needs to be soothed. Calendula can also have a skin-protecting effect on the sensitive tissue in the ear with its nurturing properties.

Our silver water 25 ppm is freshly produced with highly pure distilled water by electrolytic means, with the help of an appropriate generator. The formula is refined with nourishing and skin-soothing calendula extract and bottled immediately. In the process, tiny particles of 99.99% pure silver are formed and dispersed in distilled water. Preservatives are not used.


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