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Digestion Snack - AniForte UK
Digestion Snack - AniForte UK
Digestion Snack - AniForte UK
Digestion Snack - AniForte UK
Digestion Snack - AniForte UK
Digestion Snack - AniForte UK
Digestion Snack - AniForte UK

Digestion Snack

Contains pre and probiotics to help harmonise the gut

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Supports digestion and faecal consistency

High meat content

Approx 200 snacks

Contains our bestselling moor mud

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AniForte® Digestion Snacks are the clever way to reward your dog and support their gut health at the same time. These tasty snacks contain extra fine chicken meat and an optimally coordinated blend of natural supportive ingredients plus probiotic bacteria. 

Benefits of Digestion Snacks:

✔ 100% natural functional snacks made with chicken

✔ Without grains - for better digestibility

✔ With pre and probiotics for healthy intestinal flora

✔ Supports digestion and stool consistency

✔ Suitable for all breeds & all ages

How do Digestion Snacks work?

AniForte® Digestion Snacks are made from only the best ingredients in a gut-friendly recipe. Their shape means they fit in any pocket and don't crumble. Their consistency makes them easy to share and they are suitable for all dogs, big and small.

AniForte® Digestion Snacks are a tasty and highly digestible reward that taste great due to the extra high proportion of chicken. The  treats are combined with probiotic bacteria, high-quality natural moor mud, valuable fibre such as psyllium husks and a stomach-harmonising herbal blend of fennel, lemon balm, chamomile, caraway and liquorice root. 

Our standards are high. The finely tuned recipe of AniForte® Digestion Snacks is unique, made without the addition of artificial additives and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Monoprotein, high meat content – without grains

A meaty treat for the palate: for these snacks we only use a high-quality protein source and an extra high meat content of 85%. For even better tolerability we deliberately left out grains, so dogs with allergies, intolerances and sensitive stomachs can also enjoy this snack. Of course, our AniForte® Digestion Snacks are also free from sugar, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and without any synthetic vitamins.

A recipe from carefully selected raw materials – soothing the stomach

The dog's intestines are a remarkable and powerful organ that deserves more attention than it often receives. Around 80% of immune cells are located in the intestine. An intact intestinal flora has an impact on the most diverse areas of the body and overall well-being.

Building the intestinal flora with good intestinal bacteria

Probiotic bacterial cultures are also known as 'good bacteria', which are introduced into the intestines and remain there to exert their beneficial effects. They are desirable residents of the intestinal microbiome.
AniForte® Digestion Snacks contain the special probiotic strain Enterococcus faecium DSM 10663 NCIMB2 10415. They occur physiologically in the intestinal flora and can help promote optimal digestion, regulate the vital immune response and support overall well-being.

Treasures from nature for the stomach and intestines

The natural moor powder contained in our Digestion Snacks is a 100% natural, extracted dark powder obtained from natural moor and is known for its numerous proven and multifunctional effects. Moor peat is one of nature's oldest products and has been used internally and externally by people and animals for generations. A natural biochemical process creates an organic mass over thousands of years that contains a unique combination of valuable ingredients. The main ingredient is the well-known humic acid. Humic substances are natural breakdown products of organic materials, such as medicinal herbs, trees, leaves, seeds and fruits in peat and coal. Conceptually, it is derived from “humus,” the Latin term for “soil.”

Humic acids are characterised by their ability to bind harmful substances and support skin, mucous membranes, digestion and the body's immune defenses. Humic acids also have a positive effect on the regulation of the acid-base balance, the production of stomach acid, and can contribute to the regeneration of the intestinal flora and intestinal mucosa.

Psyllium Husks and Digestion: A Natural Way to Support Gut Health

Psyllium husks are the seed shells of an annual plant that belongs to the plantain family (Plantago). The plant's seed coats are known for their digestive effects and are considered a natural means of improving intestinal motility. The soluble fiber it contains can absorb many times more water and therefore has good binding properties. As soon as they enter the intestine, psyllium husks swell, stimulate digestion and can thus achieve a prebiotic effect - a natural support for the intestine.

Nature offers us a wealth of herbs to calm the stomach and intestines, which can help our intestines get back on track. We rely on proven and well-known herbs that have a beneficial and supportive effect on digestion. Fennel, lemon balm, chamomile, caraway and liquorice root.

Tasty functional snack – gently produced for maximum effect

AniForte® Digestion Snacks are baked gently at the right temperature so that all ingredients are preserved. Thanks to their light texture, they are particularly handy, fit in any jacket pocket, do not crumble or fall apart and can be easily divided by hand even for small dogs. The soft consistency also makes them a perfect treat for puppies and older dogs. The treats can be given as a reward or during training.

Our AniForte® promise to you

The well-being of your pet is our top priority, which is why our AniForte® products are made with a lot of dedication and only with the best ingredients. In order to maintain the high quality standards of our products, we constantly work with a team of veterinarians, nutritionists and animal health practitioners. We are inspired by nature!


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