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When Dogs Travel - How to Prepare for a Relaxing Holiday

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Traveling with dogs

Summertime is travel time - and of course you’d like to bring your canine companion along. However, dogs react very differently to travel. Some dogs see it as a great adventure, others become anxious. Here are some tips on what to keep in mind when traveling with your dog and how to have a pleasant holiday with your traveling dog.

Good planning is essential

Travel with dogs needs to be well planned. The more relaxed you can be, your dog who is traveling with you will feel that there is no reason to be upset. On the other hand, the more stressed you are, the more anxious your companion will be. Think about the where, how and when of your trip in advance: research which holiday regions and accommodations are possible and whether you need to bring enough food along or you can buy it on site.

Selecting your holiday region

For a vacation with your dog, choose a travel destination that is not too hot. City trips are less suitable, but your furry friend will be happy to get some exercise at the beach or a lake. If traveling abroad, pay attention to the entry requirements of your destination. It is also best to plan excursions at home: Can your dog go to a certain open-air museum while on vacation? Is the hike on the mountain too strenuous for him? How will he feel in a very narrow alley and with crowds? You can best answer these and similar questions and tailor your trip accordingly.


Find out beforehand whether pets are allowed at your chosen hotel, holiday apartment, campsite or holiday home. Always make sure that there is enough space for your furry friend. Sometimes you have to accept extra cost in order to find the best accommodation for you and your dog. Additional cleaning fees may also arise if you take a dog with you.

Getting there

Whether your trip will be exhausting for your dog also depends a lot on the means of transportation you are using.

If you want to travel by plane, it is advisable to check with your airline beforehand about the exact regulations for bringing the dog along. Most providers only allow furry friends up to a certain weight and stipulate that the animal remains in a transport container for the entire flight. Think in advance whether this is really a relaxed start to your holiday for your dog.

If you decide to travel by train, you have to order an extra children's ticket in advance, if your dog is bigger than a cat. Dogs must always sit or lie in front of / under / next to your seat. If the dog is not inside a transport box, he must be on a leash and wear a muzzle. An exception to this rule are guide dogs or assistance dogs. These working dogs can be taken with you at any time free of charge. Also consider that problems with other passengers may arise.

The most flexible way to travel is of course by car. Make sure that you secure your furry friend well and leave them sober on long journeys or even block their view of the outside. This can help prevent travel sickness. You should also secure luggage that is stowed around the dog well. When using a car you decide for yourself when you and your animal take a break, so this is the best mode of transport for dogs.


It is best if you can keep the usual food for your dog during your vacation. Any change creates additional stress for him. You may be able to buy dry and wet food he is used to at the vacation site. You can also easily take it with you when traveling by car. Even raw feed can be transported frozen in a cooler box or bought on site. It is ideal if you have a refrigerator or freezer compartment in your accommodation.

How can I calm my dog ​​down before a trip?

Every dog ​​reacts differently to changed circumstances. Some furry friends love to drive, look forward to trips and new adventures, others would rather stay at home and need a long time to get used to an unfamiliar place. Always weigh up whether it is the right thing to take your dog with you on a trip. Sometimes temporary accommodation with friends or professional carers can also be useful if your dog is anxious about change.

In order to prepare your furry friend for the coming trip, it can be helpful to give him anti-stress herbs a few weeks leading up to the vacation. Our Calm & Relax Powder for Dogs is made from 100% natural unprocessed ingredients. It has been specifically developed to naturally soothe and calm your pet in times of stress and anxiety.

We wish you and your dog a relaxing vacation time!

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