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Species-appropriate and nutrient-rich - high-quality BARF oils, natural vitamins and minerals as well as species-appropriate all-round supplies consisting of herbs and ground fruits ensure your pet's complete nutrient supply.

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BARF for Cats - natural BARF additives

BARF supplements for cats contribute to a balanced and nutritious diet. BARFing your cat is not rocket science, but you should know your cat's needs and adapt the food to the necessary nutritional requirements. The AniForte® online shop supplies your cat with purely natural supplementary feed for more vitality and well-being. Simply order online in our AniForte® cat BARF shop and have all the important ingredients for daily BARF feeding your cat delivered straight to your home

The BARF meat provides your cat with lots of proteins and fats, but does not contain enough of the important vitamins and minerals to meet all nutritional needs. BARF supplements such as taurine, various natural minerals and vitamins as well as essential fatty acids should be added separately to the raw meat. With AniForte® BARF Complete Cat you get all-round care for your cat, adapted to the natural needs of your animal. It contains high-quality brewer's yeast for vitamin B balance, fine parts of rosehip peel to supply natural vitamin C as well as essential omega-3 fatty acids and taurine. The supplement can easily be mixed with the meat and prevent deficiency symptoms in cats. You can order AniForte® BARF Complete Cat online directly in our cat BARF shop.

Taurine, bone meal and Omega 3 fatty acids - what does a cat on a BARF diet need?

Would you like to put together the supplements for your cat yourself? In our online shop for cats you will find high-quality straight feeds for the individual composition of the cat’s menu. BARF supplements are important for the daily raw feeding of your furry friend and provide essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to the right nutrient balance your pet needs.

Important BARF additives for cats:

AniForte® Taurine: The essential amino acid is responsible for many metabolic processes in cat’s body. Unfortunately, cats can only synthesize a small part of this substance themselves and have to ingest the majority with their food. A lack of taurine can lead to retina degeneration, a retinal disease with blindness as a result. AniForte® Taurine is adapted to the individual needs of your cat and balances their taurine needs.

AniForte® Ground Beef Bones: If your cat refuses raw bones while on a BARF diet or if you are not sure and avoid bone feeding, the animal may suffer from calcium deficiency. AniForte® ground beef bones is an ideal alternative. The natural supplement is made from fresh beef bones and supports your cat's joint health.

AniForte® Rose Hip Powder: To strengthen your cat’s immune system and general health, you can offer fine rose hip parts. The carefully produced powder consists of 100% finely ground rose hips and can easily be mixed with the daily BARF food. Rose hips are exceptionally high in vitamin C, which is known for its beneficial effects on health.

BARF oils for cats: Salmon oil for cats, hemp oil and evening primrose oil are very popular as food supplements among BARFers. Oils are a tried and tested addition to the daily BARF ration and provide cats with healthy fatty acids. Feed oils support the utilisation of many nutrients and have a positive effect on keeping your four-legged friend healthy: AniForte® Salmon Oil for cats is an important supplier of the valuable omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The animal feed oil is a high-fat BARF additive and ensures healthy bones, skin and fur.

AniForte® hemp oil: This vegetable feed oil is rich in linoleic acid, oleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. The natural product is also popular for temporary complaints and helps support the immune system.

AniForte® evening primrose oil: The high-quality natural product is obtained from the seeds of the evening primrose and provides your cat with important fatty acids, used to keep coat and skin healthy.