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Ticks, mites, fleas - our plant-based repellents and insecticides offer protection for dogs against various parasite infestations and can be used both preventively and in acute cases.

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Fighting ticks, fleas and mites properly

Ticks and fleas are some of the most common ectoparasites in dogs. Each year dog owners are faced with the question: how do I protect my companion? Chemical agents are sometimes very aggressive, so more and more dog owners are opting for plant-based alternatives.

At AniForte® we only use essential oils, vitamins, minerals and of course herbs, roots and other vegetable raw materials to combat parasites in dogs. In order to guarantee our furry friends healthy parasite protection, our animal experts develop high-quality products that are suitable for every dog.

Our tick remedy for dogs offers effective protection against ticks. The anti-parasite agent for dogs counteracts an infestation with ectoparasites and can minimise the risk of infection. If your furry friend has fleas, we recommend the combination of our Flea-EX powder and Flea-EX spray. While the Flea-EX powder keeps the environment parasite-free, the Flea-EX spray can be used directly on the dog.

If you prefer a spot-on for your furry friend, try our Ectoprotex. The effective formula serves as a long-lasting defense against parasites such as fleas and ticks. But mites are also pathogenic parasites in dogs. They prefer to infect the ears of our companions, nest in the fur or even dig into the dog's skin.

With our holistic anti-mite range you can alleviate your dog’s suffering and protect their health:

  • Mite-STOP Spray - effective contact or environment spray to ward off mites.
  • Mite-STOP powder - effective insecticide with long-term protection for use in the surrounding environment.
  • Itchy Skin Spray – a recipe based on essential oils to prevent grass mites.
  • Ear mite oil - highly effective care for ear cleaning treatment of ear mites.

In addition to ectoparasites, worms in dogs are also annoying pests. A healthy dog organism with a functioning intestinal flora normally has no problems with a worm infestation. Wild animals also live in synergy with different worms, because they regulate the worm population by consuming selected plants and herbs. Herbs such as wormwood, sage leaves and mugwort maintain the intestinal flora and the gastric mucosa and are natural remedies against parasites.

WermiX powder for dogs is based on these herbs and can be simply mixed with the daily food as a high-quality supplement. As an alternative, use our WermiX capsules for dogs.

Parasites – a healthy immune system as a natural defense

Over the course of their lives, dogs are regularly attacked by parasites, be it fleas, mites, ticks or even worms and giardia. That is the cycle of nature. Many parasites are harmless to your dog, some of them transmit diseases, even to humans. In order to protect your dog from annoying parasites in the best possible way, you should make sure that their immune system is intact, because a strong immune system can fight off the parasites to a certain extent. If your furry friend has a weakened immune system, not only can the frequency of parasite infestation increase, but the effects can also be much more serious. If your dog is regularly attacked by parasites, we recommend that you not only take regular preventive measures, but also strengthen your pet’s immune system with natural agents such as rose hip powder for dogs.