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To keep your dog balanced when stressed, natural AniForte® products could be an effective nutritional option as they contribute to calming your dog. Our natural supplementary food is giving the nervous system a helping hand. With the right application, restlessness and nervousness will soon be a thing of the past and the calming pays off in many ways for your dog.

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Calming your dog helps reduce anxiety. It is important that you cautiously respond to your companion and his emotional state and be patient with him. There are methods and measures you can use to dampen arising anxiety in your dog. The causes of this phenomenon can be varied. Keep in mind that your own insecurities in communication with your dog may transfer stress and fears directly to your companion.

Rising stress is expressed through nervousness, restlessness and lack of attention in the animal. Even the daily walk can turn into a real ordeal. External influences such as noise also contribute to stress. Disruptive factors such as car noises, fireworks or extremely loud music can lead to strong symptoms of stress. Some dogs immediately vanish under the bed whenever a thunderstorm approaches.

If there is constant noise and turmoil in the family environment, the furry friend will not feel comfortable. Even screaming and squeaky children's voices can cause discomfort in dogs. Changed living conditions are another stress risk. If the dog’s environment is changed, for example because you are moving, it is possible that your dog will not be able to cope. Then there are dogs who by nature do not like to be out and about in the car, and every trip is pure horror for the animal. Quite a few families face this problem whenever vacation time comes around. During these times it’s important to ensure that the dog is reassured and treated calmly. If necessary, you can consult an animal psychologist. The specialist will ostensibly carry out a targeted research into the cause and deal with the underlying problem bit by bit.