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Pet Care Guide: B.A.R.F for dog owners!

The ultimate B.A.R.F guide for dog owners!

What is B.A.R.F.?

BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It’s a method of feeding which consists of feeding raw food to your dog(s) or cat(s), with a certain amount of meat and vegetables being fed.

Why B.A.R.F?

There are many different benefits to feeding your dog or cat raw food. One of the first advantages is that your dog will have a fresher and nicer breath along with whiter teeth. It also improves digestion as well as strengthen the immune system. Another one of the benefits among the very many is that it will allow a shinier and healthier fur to grow.


The first thing to do if you want to start feeding your dog raw food is to calculate what your dog's daily needs are. For a 20kg dog the daily requirement is 400g of raw feed.

For a healthy and balanced diet you want 80% of the feed to consist of meat (in this example: 320g) and 20% fruit and vegetables (here: 80g). You want to give a variety of meat. We would suggest giving about 20% fleshy bones (60g), 10% offal (40g) and 70% full-bodied muscle meat (220g). The vegetable content is divided into 70% vegetables (60g) and 30% fruit (20g).

If your dog does not have any bones in his B.A.R.F meal, it must be replaced with a calcium preparation. For this purpose, you could use our AniForte Meat& Bone meal. If there is an allergy to the meat, you can alternatively use AniForte Seaweed.

For the fruit and vegetables it can be added either fresh or as a mash. You can replace it with our AniForte Barf Line Fruits and Vegetables flakes, which are available in different mixtures and are very easy to use.

Then you can add a little bit of oil and any necessary supplements into their daily bowl. For the oil we recommend the AniForte Omega 3 Salmon Oil as it’s well suited to bring variety into the bowl, the AniForte B.A.R.F Line Premium feed oil is also excellently suitable.

Other supplements should be individually tailored to the needs of your furry friend. For example, you can always add Green Lipped Mussel Glucosamine powder to help with joint problems.


The final menu for your dog should resemble something along these lines:

-220g piece of beef

-60g chicken leg (or alternatively 13g AniForte Meat& Bone Meal and 260g piece of beef)

-20g beef liver

-20g cattle animals


-60g of courgette mash

-20g of apple mash


-10ml AniForte Omega 3 salmon oil

It is important to keep and variety to their bowls, so different kinds of meat and fish should be fed occasionally, so that there are no shortages. You can put your meat/ fish in your freezer. To defrost simply put the pre-portioned packet open in a bowl in the refrigerator. 


Your AniForte team.


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