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How to: Our B.A.R.F products

How to: B.A.R.F products

Hello pet lovers,

We have a new video featuring a couple of our products from our B.A.R.F line! Check out the video and don't forget to scroll down to see the step by step instructions and links to the products used! 

Products used in the video:

- B.A.R.F Line Fruits &Vegetables 

-B.A.R.F Complete Granules 

-AniForte Flaxseed Oil 

-AniForte PureNature Single Protein Pure Beef


1st Step: 

- The first thing you want to do is get a measuring cup to measure your Fruits &Vegetables flakes.

-In the end you want to have 20% flakes and 80% meat. I poured approximately 100g of flakes. 


2nd Step:

-Boil water.

-Pour the boiling water in the flakes. You want to have 1/3 flakes and 2/3 water.

-Let that sit for 10 minutes.


3rd Step:

-Add your dog food. 

-Dogs up to 5kg: 200g
 Dogs between 5-10kg: 400g
 Dogs between 10-20kg: 800g
 Dogs between 20-30kg: 1200g


4th Step:

-Get your Flaxseed Oil.

-Dogs per 10kg: 2.5ml daily.

-Add this to your dog food.


5th Step:

-Get your B.A.R.F Complete Granules.

-Small dogs: 1 teaspoon
 Medium dogs: 2 teaspoons
 Large dogs: 3 teaspoons


6th Step:

- Get your flakes that have soaked up the water.

- Add the flakes to your dog food.

- 20% flakes and 80% meat.


You're done! Enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions! 


By Julia from AniForte UK



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