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How to: Our BARF Products (Raw Feeding)

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BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It’s a method of feeding raw meat and vegetables to your dog or cat.

Raw feeding has become increasingly popular in recent years. Because of unsafe pet food production and allergies, intolerances and modern diseases, many pet owners have been switching to fresh food preparation for their furry friends.

Why add supplements?

Meat, bones, and offal contain most of the nutrients the dog or cat needs. However, compared to “fresh” prey, your pet will not get them in sufficient quantities if you buy the base ingredients frozen or even fresh from the butchers. Blood, for example, is almost completely absent in meat you can buy.

If you start comparing the many suppliers of BARF supplements, you will notice quickly that not all of these products are 100% natural or in line with the BARF intent.

At AniForte, we believe that nature has the answers to many health problems in our pets. That’s why we specialise in developing BARF supplements that are 100% natural and without any addition of synthetic ingredients or flavours. They all adhere to the latest scientific standards.

Here are the basic BARF supplements we offer:

For your dog:

Barf Complete for Dogs

Eggshell Powder

Salmon Oil

Barf Line Fruit & Vegetables

Natural Herb Mix

More products for dogs


For your cat:

Barf Complete for Cats


Salmon Oil

Eggshell Powder

More products for cats

Find more information on a healthy and natural BARF diet for dogs and cats here. And if you are ever unsure on what supplement to choose for your pet, we are here to help - just email us at

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